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Beauty Art beauty salon is exactly as it sounds – because we see beauty and care as a real art. Beauty Art is a prestigious beauty salon, which has the pleasure of professionally caring for women, men and children, and providing a unique personal experience to anyone who comes through its doors. The intimate relaxed atmosphere of the place provides an ideal foundation for the perfect pampering received by our customers.
In Beauty Art you can enjoy all of the worlds of beauty, starting with nail care including manicure, artificial nails, gel nails and nail art, as well as a variety of pedicures, eyebrow design, eyelash extension, spray tan, waxing hair removal, and ending with pampering soothing massages.
Quality is everywhere: in the modern immaculate design, the kind and professional staff trained by the beauty product manufacturers, the most advanced equipment maintained with meticulous sterility, the relaxing massage chairs that accompany all treatments, the remarkable care products, the Wi-Fi available through a personal tablet for each customer, and a pampering complimentary cup of coffee.

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Classic facial care

Your face – in the best hands!
Facial care is essential to create fresh, glamorous-looking and healthy skin. To reach the best results, it is important to take facial care at a professional beauty salon, which provides the best in every sense. After all, when it comes to our face – we cannot compromise.
The facial care department of Beauty Art provides our clients with the excellent service of professional experienced cosmeticians, using advanced devices and selected beauty products.


Hydro-dermic care

(Application of moisture using Guinot device)
Hydro-dermic care is nurturing and relaxing. It is intended to rejuvenate facial skin in the most pleasant and effective way possible. The treatment includes insertion of selected nutritive materials and moisture using the advanced Guinot (France) device. Hydro-dermic treatment becomes more and more common in the beauty care world, and is considered one of the most popular and effective treatments.
In Beauty Art we perform hydro-dermic treatments using quality nutritive materials, which are applied to the skin through an innovative Guinot device. This device assists inserting the materials deeper into the skin to provide optimal results. The treatment immediately gives the skin a shiny and healthy look, and assures long-term nurturing.


Skin brightening care

A series of 7 sessions
Our facial skin is affected by certain physical and environmental changes. Therefore, many people might experience extreme changes and unaesthetic pigmentation, making their facial skin tone uneven and untidy. Using skin brightening treatments, it is possible to cover stains and even the skin tone in order to create a smooth and clean look.
Beauty Art developed a series of skin brightening treatments. We adjust our method and materials to each client based on a skin check and the pigmentation level.


Anti-aging care

A series of 6 sessions
Aging signs are shown on the facial skin so that it seems tired and wrinkled. Current skin rejuvenation treatments can bring vitality and flexibility back to facial skin without any surgical procedure. However, an anti-aging care must be individual and based on the skin condition.
Beauty Art’s series of anti-aging care includes 6 sessions. Their structure and level are determined after an initial comprehensive check of the facial skin. Sometimes we combine several care methods in the series and sometimes focus on one or two. We always use the most advanced, high-quality devices and materials. Our skin rejuvenation treatments include: exfoliation for skin renewal and rejuvenation, hydro-dermic care using a device that inserts nutritive materials and stimulates facial muscles in case of muscle flaccidity, and treatment with a device that increases the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that tighten the skin and make it flexible.
The treatment includes home use of cosmetic products between sessions and after the ending of the treatment series.


Double-chin elimination care

A series of 10 sessions
A double chin is a frustrating unaesthetic nuisance for men and women of all ages. Until recently the elimination of a double chin required surgery, but a recent breakthrough in the beauty care world enabled its elimination using a device that creates radio frequency energy, with no surgical procedure.
Beauty Art developed a ten-session series to eliminate the double chin. The treatment begins with full facial cleaning using quality products that are suitable for the client’s facial skin, and delicate exfoliation. The next stage is application of gel over the chin and bottom part of the face, in order to preserve the heat accumulated in the skin while the radio-frequency device operates. The device sends radio frequency energy that reaches the fat layer of the chin area. The fat layer resists this energy and creates vibration, which makes the skin temperature increase significantly. This process does not hurt or burn, as the heat is internal and generated by our body. The heat creates two main results:
1. Stretching – the internal heat stimulates the production of new skin cells and quicker construction of dermal layers.
2. Double-chin elimination – the internal heat splits fat cells that accumulate in the chin area to simple sugars, which the body can remove more easily.
The treatment ends with application of serum and cream, based on the skin type.


Para-medical treatment for acne and other sores

A series of 2 or 6 sessions
Our paramedical care series includes treatment for several pimples: acne, adult acne and hormonal acne. The care type and number of sessions are determined after professional diagnosis of the facial skin type and sore type. Treatments take place at the beauty salon, and clients also get a home care kit including instructions.
Para-medical treatment for acne and other pimples includes complete facial skin cleaning and comedone extraction, treatment at the beauty salon and home care, using exfoliation products and paramedical materials that contain active ingredients. The treatment assists healing dermal inflammation and balancing sebaceous glands in order to avoid new sores in case of increased secretion. The treatment makes significant impacts: skin soothing, reduced dermal redness, reduction and elimination of acne and sores, and a smooth and even renewed skin tone.


Hair removal with MP4

Treatments with MP4 devices
In Beauty Art we perform highly effective hair removal using the intense pulse light (IPL) method and an innovative MP4 device. This device is based on the advanced DPC technology, which enables to adjust the light beam and its flash intensity to different kinds of skin and hair. Therefore, the device is innovative and unique in its flexible usage, which can be adjusted to any skin tone and hair, including dark skin, and to diverse characteristics such as hair density and skin sensitivity. Moreover, this method reduces the amount of treatments by 30% in comparison with other hair removal technologies.
The treatment is performed using light waves: these are transmitted by the device to hair roots and heat the follicle. The warmth causes shedding of existing hair and weakens its root. It reduces the chance of growing new hair at the same spot.
The cosmeticians of Beauty Art are trained in the use of this device. They know all its functions perfectly. This treatment does not hurt, it is performed pleasantly and calmly, and the results guarantee many compliments.


Radio frequency (RF) body care with MP4

Beauty Art offers its clients body care, using a radio-frequency technology and MP4 device. The treatment considerably improves the skin’s look in certain body areas and leads to body tightening, cellulitis removal, stretching, and the reduction of hip measurements.
This innovative treatment is non-invasive, not painful and does not require physical effort. Furthermore, only a few sessions are required in order to achieve good results.
The method is based on the heating of several dermal layers, and the effective removal of fluids, fats and other excess materials. The use of radio frequency energy leads to the efficient fraction of fat cells and cellulitis stimulates collagen production and improves the metabolism and blood circulation.



Your hands in Our Hands.
The treatments are done while sitting in pampering massage chairs or on a unique modern manicure table. The customers enjoy free access to Wi-Fi with an option of using one of our personal tablets, and complimentary coffee or tea.
Classic manicure – continuous care for your hands, which includes cleaning excess skin around the fingernails, nail filing, nail design, application of peeling cream, nail polish and nail art.
Spa manicure – classic manicure plus a pampering treatment with our skin nourishing care kit and a hot paraffin bath.
Gel manicure and gel application – gel treatments for maintaining flawless nails over time.
Mini manicure for kids – gentle manicure designed mainly for young women.
Nail polish application and nail art.


Treatment of pigmentation using intense pulse light (IPL) with MP4

Treatments with MP4 devices
Clients of Beauty Art can now enjoy the new generation of pigmentation care, using intense pulse light with MP4. This method enables treating all kinds of stains with the same device over the same treatment: sun stains, aging stains, freckles, hormonal stains and capillaries. This method’s biggest advantages are its simplicity and comfort – no invasive procedure is needed, no pain is caused and no anesthesia materials are used.
The efficiency of this method has been proven in our beauty salon and other professional salons worldwide. It requires a considerably lower amount of treatments than other methods, and results are appear quickly and effectively. It is literally a stainless method.


Brazilian wax

The “Brazilian wax” hair removal care is intended to provide full and comprehensive hair removal from the groin area. It creates a smooth clean look and a pleasant feeling. Our Brazilian wax care will give you complete freedom and confidence at the beach and the pool in any swimsuit, revealing as it might be.
This treatment is performed by a beauty care professional in the exclusive atmosphere of our salon, using only quality products. It guarantees a pleasant treatment and excellent results that will be maintained for a long time.



The treatments are done while sitting in pampering massage chairs, where the customers enjoy free access to Wi-Fi with an option of using one of our personal tablets, and complimentary coffee or tea.

Classic pedicure – continuous care for your feet, which includes fixing your nails, removing hard skin from the foot, foot peeling, light foot massage with a pampering cream, and application of nail polish.
Cosmetic pedicure – nail filing and cleaning, removing excess skin around the nails, applying nail polish. Medical pedicure – complete treatment of your feet, including fixing nails, removing hard skin from the foot, foot peeling mask, light foot massage with a pampering cream…


Eyebrow and Eyelash

Eyebrow design – designing and fixing the eyebrows according to the shape of your face.


Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing hair removal treatments from the face and body – for women and men. We use hair removal products made by the leading companies in the field. The treatment is done by a skilled experienced team, professionally and meticulously, for smooth results without leaving any marks.


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